Voting in the Midterms – Once Red, Now Blue

Go VoteToday is a big day for voters across the United States. In fact, I’m going to have to admit, I’m more invested in this election than the one in 2016. But for me, electing Donald Trump and all he has done in the 2 years he’s been president, is the exact reason I voted in this midterm.

To say that America is very divided right now is an understatement. I’ve never seen so many of my friends and family squarely on the opposite side of my opinions, and I’m sure they are equally flabbergasted at my thoughts on things as well. Up until this election, I was predominantly a Republican. This election I voted straight Democrat. I don’t feel like a traitor to my party, either. The Republican party I belonged to originally disappeared when the Tea Party made its appearance, and this weird hybrid I see today is not what I signed up for. For me, the Republican party no longer exists other than in name.

It’s been a weird time to talk about politics, too. You can’t just calmly discuss why you feel for or against things our government does. Politics has always been a hot button – like religion – but it is way worse now. People get so upset that you don’t agree with them that they resort to name-calling and massive amounts of anger are generated toward the opposition.

And yet, opposition is exactly what this country was founded on. We need to keep each other in a checks and balances kind of atmosphere, and unfortunately, we are just completely divided. If you aren’t for me, you’re against me, right?

The beautiful thing about having your own blog is you have a platform to say what you believe and why you believe it, and that is what I’m going to do. I’m 100% against everything Donald Trump says and does. There. I’ve said it.

One of the key things about me forming an opinion is Christianity. And no, I don’t mean this weird form of godliness that has nothing of Jesus in it. I mean the kind that takes its cues from the Bible, and not from power, money, or race.

You see, I have been driving myself nuts trying to figure out why “Christians” would support a man who lies a lot, cheats on his wives, doesn’t pay his bills, declares bankruptcy every few years, and who keeps his power by using fear to dictate to his fan base. I know some of his supporters. I get that the man has a certain amount of charisma when he is speaking, but I myself can’t get past what he is actually saying.

For me, you can’t get all self-righteous about saving unborn babies’ lives and then split parents apart from their children as a method to discourage immigration. You can’t say that you respect women when you have paid off a porn star you cheated with while your wife was home with a newborn baby. You can’t give all your rich friends a tax break then try to suck the deficit from social security and medicare that will sustain the working class when the time comes. You can’t even call social security and medicare entitlements, since we pay into those funds with our hard earned money. And you can’t blame the other side for violence when you throw your support in for people who are avowed white supremacists, or call yourself a nationalist, or encourage our police officers to be rougher with criminals, or chant hate mantras toward people and businesses who don’t agree with you.

You don’t get to spend more time throwing self-aggrandizing rallies for yourself and profit your own business by taking the whole presidential entourage to your resort to go golfing all the time, and then turn around throw shade on my social security and medicare. This does not show a fiscally mature human being. It shows me a narcissist who wants the news to only say about him what he wants to think of himself. If the truth is told, and he doesn’t like it, then suddenly it is fake news. How is that okay with anyone?

To me, the truth is very clear. This guys is not about America, and he isn’t about you or me, the people. He’s about scamming us to make a profit. Remember, this guy says he could shoot a person on the street in broad daylight, and never lose a single supporter. Sadly, that might be true. But for this American voter, that isn’t okay. This country is not filled to the rim with racists who whip up a frenzy over a bunch of immigrants looking for asylum. There are people out there who care less about voting along party lines and more about what our reputation is on the world stage. It’s about welcoming those who need a safe place to live. It’s about embracing diversity, and being kind, gentle, compassionate, and empathetic. It’s about obeying the God we chose to serve by not living in fear; loving one another; living what we say we believe; and not worshiping the almighty dollar.

People can and will believe what they want, and I’m no exception. But I do want to point out one last thing. At some point during the Nazi party’s reign in Germany, it was illegal to hide Jews. If that is the way we’re heading, you can believe me when I say this — I will break the law of the land rather than break the law of human decency.

~ Bird

One thought on “Voting in the Midterms – Once Red, Now Blue

  1. Stay “Independent”. It is the best way to be. Being either Republican (Trumpublican) or Democrat (Pelosicrat) is simply allowing others to do your thinking for you, and you being obedient to their preferences. That’s not The American Way. Good luck!

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